Why Is Auto Glass So Expensive?

Auto glass repair is one of the most expensive things on a car. You might think that auto glass companies are getting rich, but there is a lot more to it than you know. In this blog post, we will discuss all the reasons why auto glass tends to be so expensive and how you can save money when repairing your vehicle’s window.

Auto glass does more than keep the bugs out

The auto glass of a car is more than just protection from the elements, it also blocks harmful UV radiation and adds structural rigidity to our vehicle. This becomes especially true for a windshield which usually takes up 50% of your cars body length or width in space excluding side windows but including quarter panels (the small horizontal pieces on either end). The windshield also provides support for the roof when accidents occur like rollovers- preventing injury due to these types of incidents happening again while driving.

You may not have noticed, but every time you get in a vehicle and put on your seatbelt the windshield glass is shatterproof. This was an invention that has saved tens of thousands from injuries over the years by using tempered auto glass instead of home windows with same material. The first lamination process for this type of automobile window came out during 1919 when Henry Ford gave them to one million cars he manufactured himself!

Modern Automobile Glass

The windshield is the most complex piece of glass in your car. It’s made up of two layers that sandwich a third tough layer for protection and safety, while also directing airbags to protect passengers during an accident or when there are icy conditions outside. Tinting helps cut down on glare inside the vehicle too!

The process of tempering glass is a heat-treating technique that allows it to be stronger and less likely to shatter when slamming the car door or going over bumps. Tempering also reduces dangerous edges so if there’s an accident, you’re not left with large pieces and razor sharp shards of glass sticking out everywhere.

You rarely have to wait more than a day for the professionals at your neighborhood auto glass repair shop. They’ll fix any broken car windows or cracked windshields in no time, with many different models of vehicles on the road today!

The cost of the glass is just part of the total

The thought of removing a broken window is difficult. With windshields and rear windows, adhesives bond the glass to the car body and frame which requires specialized equipment in order not to damage any parts of your vehicle while doing so. Side glasses require disassembly of interior panels as well as taking off specific things before you can remove them from their current location on your automobile’s structure without causing more harm than good during this process.

The good news!

The do-it-yourselfer’s best option is to purchase a small chip repair kit from an auto parts store or online retailer. These kits are inexpensive, with prices less than $20. Be aware that this type of service only works on tiny chips and does not apply for larger ones because they require professional attention. Some general repair shops offer glass replacement services but these jobs should be left up to certified installers as their job requires more experience in the field.

If your car has a cracked windshield, the cost of repair is about $50. But if you need to replace it entirely, expect to spend as much as $500 or more – with luxury brands costing even more and starting around one thousand dollars for replacement windows alone! If you want side and rear window replacements too, plan on spending anywhere from 200-350 depending on what model vehicle you have.

More good news! Most auto insurance will cover these repairs under the comprehensive coverage clause, which means you may not have to pay a deductible. In some cases your rates won’t even rise for this repair – just check with your company and see what they say about that before making any decisions.

Your best course of action

Make sure you have your windshield repaired as soon as possible to avoid it shattering and cracking. Get at least two estimates, but don’t just pick the cheapest one because they may not be certified or offer a warranty on leaks from installing poorly.

If you need auto glass repair or replacement, give us a call. We will take care of all your needs with professionalism and speed.

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